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Hi ,
We are returning to live in the UK this summer, unfortunately suburban Essex is no place for our 8month old hound , Henry , who needs space and time - not a postage stamp garden and a 9 - 5 regime.
Therefore we have decided to try and find him a more suitable new home with people who do have the space and the time to give this fun loving hound pup the attention he deserves.
Henry has been neutered and microchipped , is up to date with vaccinations including his rabies jab.
Recently i have been clicker training him , starting with basic commands such as 'sit' , ' stay' , 'come' , 'down' , 'roll over' , 'give me your paw' and coming soon 'wave hello' and 'wave goodbye.'
We have also done considerable work with him getting him to walk to heel , stop and sit when you stop etc. He is a very quick learner and enjoys doing it. The only difficluties we have with him are that he gets excited when he sees other dogs , and therefore you have to work harder to keep his attention focused (cheese usually does the job!)Please note he only ever wants to play with the dogs and has not once showed any signs of aggression towards anyone or anything - he is very amenable and you can do anything to him!!Also , if left unattended he would need a well fenced area as he does enjoy exploring .
We will be VERY sad to see him go but at he end of the day we need to do what is best for him , he loves other dogs and would settle happily in a home with other dogs or would enjoy being the only dog as he loves being the centre of attention .He is good with cats and horses also , in fact he can't understand why the horse down the road neither barks back nor plays with him - what a mystery !?
If anybody feels they can give our gorgeous boy a home please please please get in touch as we really want to find him the ideal home.We are happy to keep him untill we go , but at the same time if a good home comes along then we accept he would have to leave us earlier.
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