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horse dentist


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Hi Will
so sorry about the previous advertisment it wasnt intentional, horse dentists are hard to come by, however when you e-mailed me you said i could mention my business through personnel profile how do i go about doing this as im not able to find
colin johnstone
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Login to the forum.

Ensure you ar in the Lobby and you should see somewhere in the middle of the list of options going left to right one marked USER. Click on this and from the list producted click on the bottom option and you can enter your details here.

Certainly mention when you are going to be here in your post and then ask people to check your profile for contact info.

(taken to adding moderator so everyone knows when I have my blue hat on)
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This conversation should really be conducted by e-mail or private message but for the benefit of others who may not have found how to do it:

If you click on the icon above your postings that looks like a person, that brings up the profile of the person who posted the message. Most profile contain just your name - but you can add to this by clicking on the 'user' icon on the forum index page, then choosing the 'modify profile' options.

Users can e-mail or send messages to each other by using the 'envelope' icons above each message.

Will (50)

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Dear Colin,
Yours is just the sort of service that my members would appreciate!
Can you email me direct at uk.grapevine@wanadoo.fr and I can then give you the details and website address which of course is now forbidden on this forum,....even though it is a free non profitmaking commmunity website designed to help expats in France.
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