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Border Collie looking for a place to call her own.


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Tess is a 7 y.o Border Collie, smart as they come, active, fun loving and driven. She looking for a family or a single person where she can be only dog or live with a smaller non-dominant dog. She has basic obedience training, has done some agility, loves to play ball, frisbee and go for a swim.

Tess has a special story to tell and as a modern dog, has her own web site. If you are interested in her please have a look at http://www.svn.net/tink/tess

If you have any questions drop me an email.
Tink (22)
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What a sad story, and a lovely-sounding dog, if I wasn't already struggling with one young male border collie I wouldn't be able to resist her... do hope you find a suitable home, and soon.
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