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We will be moving to the Charente area in late July 04. Any information regarding paperwork necessary to import our ageing small pet dog would be appreciated.
We will be staying in our caravan until we purchase a property in the area.

Mick & Sue
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If you are taking to France without the expectation of bringing him back again then I understand that he will just need to be microchipped, and a health check just before he goes and the export form signed by the vet.

Thats what the local branch of DEFRA told me but I am still waiting for the paperwork a week later.

If you think you may return to the UK with your dog then he will need the full works, chip, rabies shot, blood test, health check and the various PETS form. However changes are in the ofing and I think some of the forms will be combined into one proper pet passport ( October ?)

Search the archives I thinks its been fairly well covered before or check with DEFRA direct.

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