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Labrador puppy needing good home.


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I've been asked by a French neighbour whether we know anyone who could offer a good loving home to a 6 month old black labrador pup. She is looking after it for her son, as he got a job out of town and can't leave the pup on it's own all the time in his apartment, and she already has 3 dogs and loads of cats! 'Il est tres malin' she says (I looked it up to see what she meant and it's 'clever') We are in the south of the Indre, 36, bordering on the Creuse, between Le Blanc and St. Gaultier on the RN151.
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HI there,

We're moving out to Callac at the end of July and already have a 18 month old lab. We were loking to get another dog for a companion for him - he's neutered, but I think you may be a bit far from us and July may be to long a time to wait for your friend.
If you're still looking after the 27th July, let us know.

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