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Does anyone know if this is a problem in France. We live 30 minutes inland from Avignon. We have a 2 year old collie. Our vet advises we use Frontline for protection against ticks and fleas (which we use each month). We use Drontal for protection against worms (every six months now that he is an adult). However, he has never mentioned heartguard or any other type of protection against heartworms. Recently, our dog has taken up a sort of wheeze. Not too often, but two or three times each day I noticed it. I took him to the vet 10 days ago and his throat was irritated. Vet took a blood test, regular CBC and did a urinalysis. Both were completely normal. Vet said he probably had a virus. Gave me an anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic. He seemed better. Only a wheeze here or there. But, I know it isn't normal. He plays, he eats, he runs, etc. In other words, he seems all normal with the exception of this occasional weird breathing. It is a symptom of heartworms. Well, it could be a symptom of anything. I called the vet and asked him about heartworms in the region. He said it is rare. He said there are cases being found in the Camargue region, but rare elsewhere. He said he would take a blood test on Friday a.m. during TouTou's check-up. I will know then, but I wondered if anyone on the forum had any experience with this.

Many thanks.

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