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Has anyone lost a cat in North 24?


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A thin, desperately hungry, incredibly afectionate and obviously domesticated cat wandered onto our land this morning. We've asked around the locality but he doesn't belong to anyone in the village. This is a long shot but wondered if any reader of this Forum had lost a non-neutered black and white cat (my guess is he is about 8 months old). He is predominantly black but with long white socks on all 4 legs, a white beard & a white patch on one side of his nose and mouth.

I can't check for microchips with the local SPA because of the destruction policy here in 24. He doesn't have a tattoo.

If no-one claims him I guess he will stay here with the rest of the menagerie!




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My vet has a chip reader and I think that most if not all vets do; if yours doesn't you could ring round to find one that does.

You could also place found ads in the nearest supermarkets or similar and along the boundaries of your property.

I have been told that unneutered males will travel as far as five miles in a single night in search of a female. They often stray substantial distances and leave home for days, weeks or months at a time; some even reappear literally years after going awol.

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