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Pet Passport for Switzerland


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Not quite on the French theme but I hope someone can give me some ideas.

I am planning to drive to Greece in May and I will be passing through France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and then Greece.  I have checked with the DEFRA site and it seems to me that my current Pet Passport should be all I need for all these countries.  However, when I was discussing it with someone else, she was adamant that I would need additional paperwork for Switzerland.

Now I realise that Switzerland is not part of the EU but the DEFRA site has it listed as part of the scheme, so I cannot see what the problem is.

Does anyone know if I have missed something and need to apply for something else?



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You can easily look that up by logging on to the Swiss embassy website in London and read their regulations about importing pets. If I travel with my dogs I never rely on the information of one department. It's unlikely they will have all the information from different countries up to date and at hand. I always contact that country's embassy to get the information directly.

Unfortunately the link on their website isn't accurate anymore but the links at the bottom for downloading the .pdf files are. It contains all the information you will need.



Tink (22)

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I don't know about Switzerland, but I would try to speak to somebody at their Embassy (or wherever).

Web sites are notoriously inaccurate. For example, the British Embassy, France web site still says that old format (PETS) paperwork cannot be issued by anybody after end-Sept 2004 (yet DEFRA say differently and the Embassy Agriculture Department say differently if you actually talk to them).
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