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Vets near Villedieu


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Whilst we have had a house in the area for some four years we will not be moving on a permanent basis until early March this year.

To date we have only used our vet for the obligatory treatment before we have taken our dogs back home.

Whilst they are 'nice' people and seemingly know what they are about they admit that 80% of their business is either vache or veau.

Indeed it is only the newly qualified vets straight from Vet School that seemingly have much knowledge of small animals.  Obviously in the UK we have those vets who either concentrate on one or the other.  Normally its small animals for we are a nation of animal lovers?

Long way around to a question but please does anyone have experience of vets in or around Villedieu or even further afield and whom they can suggest have an interest or better still knowledge of dealing with the small animal side of life?


many thanks


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Looking back at previous postings I would imagine you refer to Villedieu-les-Poeles, 50. In that case, though it's not that close to you, you may be interested in the vet we use for countless small furry creatures. She works in quite a large practice and is the small animal specialist. She can also speak reasonable English if necessary.

Mme Sylvie CUMINET, 11 pl Champ de Foire 50640 LE TEILLEUL Tel: 02 33 59 40 16, fax : 02 33 59 00 32.

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I do apologise and as one subscriber clearly identifies it is Villedieu les Poeles. (50)


I am sorry for the inconvenience.

As to the Vets in Villedieu les Poeles is that the one fairly near to the post office?

kind regards


Porth in Welsh means gateway and undoubtedly this forum is the gateway to greater knowledge on all things to do with France.  It is such a great help.

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