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Baby donkey seeks a good home.


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Dordogne baby donkey seeks a good home: I am trying to find a home for my 8 month old female donkey. I know that I should try to sell her through ads etc. but we love her very much and really want to be sure that she has a good home. We own the mother and Father (He is a beautiful big stallion) so cannot keep her. She is micro chipped and we are currently waiting for her registration papers. We would only be interested in a reasonable payment for her. Money is the least of our concerns about her, but my farrier tells me that I must ask some payment to be sure of a serious commitment by the new owners I would be interested in all offers or contacts. Transport would be down to new owners but we probably could arrange that. Donkeys are more fragile than horses and ponies so she will need a stable in winter and cover from the rain in summer. Donkeys do need a companion, sheep or other will do.******o will be a full sized donkey, she has a beautiful nature and is used to constant human contact. A photo of her and her mother is currently on the front page of our web site (contact us for the link) but we can email other photos on request.
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