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Sheep Change of Ownership


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I'd be interested in this question too.

We're not taking our sheep to France with us, but intend to get another couple when we're there. Having had to conform to the new rules in the UK for moving sheep/registering land/flock numbers/tagging, etc, I'd like to know what the french rules are before we start again!
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I think your DDAF but if it were me I'd probably ask a neighbour with sheep first, or the local Chambre d'Ag advisor.
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I don't know what deprtment you're in but if you are in Manche you need to write to:

Association pour l'Identification des Animaux de la Manche

Avenue de Paris


Tel: 02 33 06 49 25

Ask them for a 'Bon de commande de boucles d'identification pour ovins et caprins'

This is essentially an order form for ear-tags, and there is a space to indicate that you want to be registered. They will then send you your tags with a specific number allocated to you. They will also send a Register book and it is in here that you record all the movements of your sheep (comings and goings, not bodily functions!) Whoever sold you the sheep would have had to indicate in their own Register that the sheep have left their premises and details of who they went to.

There is no need to remove the old tags - you can add your own tags. Tags are essential if you plan to breed them and send the lambs to the abbatoir.

We've had sheep and lambs for the past 3 years and although I was very reluctant to eat the lambs at first, I am now converted and have never tasted such delicious lamb. I'm also happy in the knowledge that they have had 5 acres to roam around and that the journey to the abbatoir was only 20minutes and stress-free.

Hope this helps

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