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English speaking vet sought asap


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And before anyone responds along the lines of "why should they speak English?", I already have a French vet who I have got along with very well so far but am currently really struggling with a problem with my labrador and she is really quite ill and my inability to communicate really effectively concerning her syomptoms etc is really getting me down and I am worried I am not doing the best for her.

If anyone is or knows of a vet that is, or speaks fairly fluent, English within 50km of St Gaudens or thereabouts, please could you email or PM me. My dog is has currently had treatment of an anti piro jab (though the blood test showed no conclusive signs of piro but was a precaution) and an anti inflammatory injection but is still unable to lie down, is being sick and is passing a clear, yellowy fluid from her bum both voluntarily and involuntarily. (I know - too much information). Like I said, we are having treatment but if I could discuss the details with an English speaking vet (which may do nothing more than reassure me that my french vet is doing exactly the right thing) I would feel a lot happier.

By the way, it's poor C o c o again - bloody dogs cause more worries than kids.




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