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For Great Dane lovers............


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Are there any Dane lovers out there? We have just rescued a beautiful 4 yr-old black female Great Dane called Sultane from the SPA of Bergerac and are looking for a permanent home for her. She's a lovely dog -- gentle and affectionate and is fine with kids, cats, chickens etc.
Sultane is in good health and is tatooed, vaccinated plus rabies and sterilised.

Call Tiffany on 05 53 31 23 61 or Sheelagh on 05 53 54 94 81 .....we're in the Dordogne!

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Once a month on my website http://www.thisfrenchlife.com/ I am featuring a button in the top left hand corner and link to charitable groups etc.

At the moment it is for fund raising in SE Asia.

However, I am looking to change it and wondered if you have a website that I could link across to.

I'll design the button and host it all etc. but it will feature on every page of my site, last month it received over 10,000 page impressions.

Please get back to me if you are willing to do this.

Kind regards

Craig McGinty

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Charitable trusts......Links...Hmmmm!! in South east Asia..Hmmmm .....I thought there was some proper supervision of this site.

Charitable trusts need to be thoroughly examined before soliciting for customers AND issue a prospectus AND  be licensed ..AND  display the licence....this charity "notification" sounds quite suss to me.


How about the site supervision taking some active interest.........

Re the other...:You probably noticed an Australian girl fell in love with a great Dane recently ........


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[quote]Pity about Sultane...with all that to offer I was going to ask if she was married...oh well...just have to keep looking... Cheers[/quote]

Reminds me about the newspaper article about the Australian heiress looking to marry a virgin Australian. Yeh right. Virgin Australian! Well in the end, she got fixed up with the ugliest Abbo in the place. On the wedding night she's waiting expectantly for the big event to occur. When she sees him placing newspapers all around the bedroom floor.

"What you doing that for" she asks.

"Well" he replies. "If it's anything like humping a kangaroo. There will be s**t everywhere!"

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Boghound ..that is an appallingly racist and bestial joke..I am dispirited that my pearls of wisdom and romance should encourage such appalling and disgiusting soccer lout jokes....please, do go and stand in the corner and flog yourself!!..that should come easily!

I presume that my courtship of the wonder-Dane, so aborted by some other person, is not encouraging other persons to offer their talented young bitches..oh well, I have my pride, rejected by Sultane (??strange name) I will have to go back to my normal life with normal women...and be nagged to death. My bitter heart says... Never marry any woman who is an "animal lover" it means they are quite unbalanced..normal women like animals but do not treat them like substitute family, Cat lovers Pheeew,smelly places, I knew one who always wieped her cat's bottie with tissues (so sick!!)  then "dog lovers"...oh boy, but that one blue plastic poo bag rarely gets used..better it seems to foul someone else's patch and call it 'nature'>  Horses...well here's a really jumbled psychological labrynth these are truly emotionally drained people whose minds are  at best ..testy though they are often very sexy women.

So what's left...only for us to join the cloister or to seek outside the square.

Do you agree BOG hound??

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[quote]Boghound..you really are very naughty!!!!! even for pommie!! tutututut!! Have you visited a) Australia b) France please... I wish to know only to raise some issues as you flog yourself in the corner...[/quote]

Hi Plato. I live in France (God it's boring!!!). Have lived in Morocco, U.S.A. and visited Australia many times. Had to keep my back to the wall and careful not to pick up any money off the street in Sydney though.
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