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A friend of mine moved over to France with family and much loved dog which had been suitably treated so as not to add to the vast number of unwanted puppies.  A short time later a cat, who had been seen in and out of the garden, waltzed into the house and proceeded to give birth to four kittens.  The cat in no way belonged to them or apparently their neighbours.  My friends looked after the whole family.  Mum was duly neutered at their expense and then she disappeared.  We took one of the kittens and they decided to keep the other three, all of which have been "seen to" to prevent future problems.

I know there are a great many people out there who do not take pet ownership as seriously as they should and their irresponsibility makes me very angry but when people ask for help finding homes for animals on this forum it is not necessarily the case that they are the irresponsible party.  Had my friend decided to use this Forum (that I introduced her to) to find homes for these animals I would hate to think that she would have received short shrift.  This is such a fantastic forum it seems a shame to spoil it by not confirming facts before we respond angrily and therefore risk upsetting people.  There could be another explanation to the situation they find themselves in.

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