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Home needed for Lovely Hamster


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We are located in Bretagne dep. 22 in a small town near Dinan.

Does any of you have a child that would love to take care of a hamster?

He's 1 year old, his fur is white with soft brown chocolate patches, he's friendly but will need to get used to a new person holding him.

He comes with 2 cages, 1 big one 60x38x40 cm, black wire, blue bottom, with 2 platforms with ladders and a treadmill. The other cage is a smaller one and very futuristic, they are called `Hamsterland' with all kinds of tubes and houses you can attach to it.

Because of our move back to the USA we would like him to find a good home. We don't think he will survive the journey, it would be too stressful.

A family member promised to take him but pulled out because her husband wasn't didn't want a small cute hamster in the home. ;-(

I'm sure any child will have loads of fun taking care of him and bonding with him, we love to watch him doing acrobatics stuffing his little cheeks with yummy things and running in his treadmill. He's healthy and very clean, he has his own hamster toilet were he does his business.

He comes free with his both cages, all we ask from someone is to love this little animal for the rest of its live.

Send me an email if you're interested.


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