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I have just been badly let down by the owners of our long-term boarder, Ellie. They have now decided that they won't be coming back to France to collect her (and have left me with 6 months unpaid boarding fees!)

Ellie is a 2 year old GSDxLab, black and tan, with a superb temparament. She prefers to live outdoors (even given the option of being inside she would rather stay out!). She gets on well with most other dogs, except if they try to steal her favourite ball. She is what I would call a 'busy' dog and is pretty energetic. She would love to be part of a family and is fine with my 2 year old son.

Ellie has been in kennels since February and is desperate for a new home. Likewise, I won't have room for her as the kennels are fully booked, and I also have 3 dogs of my own (one of which is Monty who was featured in this forum earlier this year!) so I need to find her a loving home as soon as possible.

If you think you can give Ellie a bit of TLC then please call me on 02 33 49 63 22 or e-mail me at AcornDogKennels@aol.com. We are on the borders of South Manche (50), Mayenne (53) and Orne (61).

I hope you can help...

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Please someone help Ellie and Emma, she's doing a brilliant job at the kennels / cattery and has already taken on another two cats, plus Monty (bless him).

If I didn't have 3 of my own I would help, but you know what mine are like!!

Coco, Sonny and Ruby, will see you in a couple of weeks.



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Another plea please for Ellie...

Unfortunately the 3 possible homes for Ellie have fallen through for various reasons (none of which was to do with Ellie herself!), so I am still desperately looking for a home for her.

She's having the time of her life here and loves meeting all the other dogs that come and go but I cannot possibly keep her as the kennels are fully booked and my own dogs would strongly object to yet another adoptee!

Thanks for the advice Chateaud...her owners have declared bankruptcy but they are trying to pay the bill in installments. I usually do take a deposit and ask for monthly payments but these have been regular customers for over a year so I wasn't expecting any problems!

So, if anyone out there can help with finding Ellie a new home please e-mail me directly at AcornDogKennels@aol.com (the e-mail link doesn't work from this forum apparently).

Many thanks

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