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Gregarious Dog Seeks Boy For Mutual Friendship


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We are in the Northern Dordogne close to Thiviers (the corner where Dept 24 meets Depts 87 and 19, yet not that far from South East 17 either!).

We are currently fostering a 16 week old puppy on behalf of the Phoenix Refuge (his owner has been taken seriously ill and can no longer care for him). He is a Belgian Shepherd cross, terribly cute with one sticky-up ear and one flopping-down one, he is very friendly, excellent with other dogs, is learning to respect cats (we have 7), is house trained and knows all the basic commands.

He would make an excellent family pet - he is the kind of dog who just loves humans and will happily share your life and be totally devoted to you. He's the sort of dog who'll be really happy sitting on a riverbank watching you fish, or joining in a game of football, or lying by your feet in the sun while you chill out. I think he would make an ideal companion for a family with a young lad. He'd just love to be someone's best friend.

Can anyone out there offer Scoobydoo a home? if so please contact me via my inbox or LF email or via the Phoenix Refuge website:


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I am gregarious but do not seek a boy either for mutual friendship or in the 'biblical' sense.

This is difficult as Living France gave me this handle.

The hound that lives in my house is on his last legs at 15 and is in remission from cancer - he came from a police compound and only just survived gassing. He too has one floppy ear.

Good luck Belgian Shepherds are lovely characters.

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