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Propane Gas costs

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We're buying a property in the Dordogne which uses propane gas for heating, cooking and hot water and have been told that we'll need to pay for the gas left in the tank. It's a fixed tank bomb thingey in the garden which we estimate to be about 1000 kg. What would be the cost of filling it?

The thought that we might be mistaken for rich Brits crossed my mind when the agent emailed a list of furniture which Madam has decided to sell......and has priced at 4600 Euros!

Hope I get through enough Michel Thomas lessons to learn how to say something apt when we go over to sign the contract.

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I can't help you with the exact cost of the gas, but it's common French practice to ask new owners to pay for gas, oil, firewood etc left at the house. It is unlikely you will be ripped off, you can always ask to see the most recent invoice if you think you are being cahrged too much per cubic metre or however gas is sold.

It's also common to offer various items in the house for sale. Second hand prices in France tend to be pretty high, for what many people would regard as junk, so you don't have to take up the offer. It's a common (and legal) practice to list things like fitted kitchens, appliances etc separately from the fabric of the house, and to apply a high value to them. This means you don't pay taxes (equivalent to UK stamp duty) on that part of the house price, reducing legal fees accordingly.

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