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Dog commands in French


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Our rescue dog (French) goes to dog training sessions every week and some of the commands are:

Pas bougez!         Don't move (stay)

Assis!                  Sit

Couchez!            Lie down  

Debout!               Stand up

Pas touches!      Don't touch (as in - don't touch the sausage/smelly cheese being offered by the trainer)

Au pied!               Heel

A gauche               turn to the left

A droite               turn to the right

Demi tour            to walk

around behind the owner from the right hand side to the left

and of course    tais toi         shut up!

They are a bit of a strange mixture of "tu" and "vous" - but they are what seems to be commonly used.


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Thanks for that Su, very useful. We got our pup from a French farmer and started off with French commands but now use a mixture of French and English commands.

We use Sit! as it's easier/quicker to say but Descend! Attendez! Couchez etc and Allez au lit!

I think the neighbours are more confused than the pup! And, my French friend finds it hilarious that I mangle the French language in this way, but pup seems happy!

He also understands Good Boy and Naughty Boy! as I couldn't think of the French words at the time, but, at the moment, seems to think it's good fun being a naughty boy. I'll have to take him to dog (and perhaps novice owner) training sessions!
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my patterdale amazes the neighbours as she understands English and French.... or so they think! The fact is she responds to hand signals :) Point at her feet and she sits, hold your hand up palm towards her and she waits, and point somewhere and she goes!
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It's amazing how many words a dog can understand. There was a sort of

doggy IQ test on tv last year and I think top marks went to 20+ words.

Our female border collie understands about ?12+ and the male about ?6+.

Another word we use is Allez! - go and round up the sheep/cows/ducks

etc. Also Non!. Pat.

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hoverfrog - every time I see that photo of your dog (I am guessing it

is your dog in the photo), I just want to find him/her and give him a

big hug and kiss !   So cute..

Nice to have those French commands too.

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I have my dog to understand hand signals and words.  He will do almost anything I ask him but being a hound if he gets it in his head to bolt then bolt he will.  Do I always tave to carry titbits to encourage him to come back to me?  Also will he grow out of it as he is only seven months at the moment.
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My friends doggy book recommended that french people use english commands. It said that 'assis' and 'ici' sounded too much alike.

We have always spoken to our dog in english but she seems to understand the french perfectly well. The lab next door seems to be in heaven when I speak to him in english, but the vet says that that is just because I am softly spoken.

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