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Great Dane or other large breeds Importers


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Those of you who brought you Large/Giant dogs into France, how did you transport them? Baggage or Livestock.

I am still getting the run around from the airlines, to the point that I have had to Export a Cage from France for my Dane, and then pay import duties in India. :(

Now the airlines are giving me the run around. :(

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Hi Afy,

As previously mentioned, we brought our Great Dane from South Africa about 4 years ago.

I have dug out all the old documentation that I could find and the only thing that seems to be relevant to your question is a document from SA Airways Cargo.  It is headed, "Shipper's Certificate for Live Animals". I also have just found an SA Airways "Live Animals Acceptance Check List" and an SAA "Confirmation of Live Animal Reservation".  These 3 doc's imply that our dog would go Livestock although we were only told, "cargo".  I know that I was told by the pet removal people that he would be in a darkened and  warm/airconditioned hold intended for animals and that the noise level would not be too bad.  This doesn't sound like Baggage. You, of course, will not be using SA Airways, an imported crate would suggest Air France who insist on plastic crates, but I would guess that they do it much the same way.

If you feel that copies of these docs would help you I will try to scan them(I am not terribly competent with computer stuff) and email them to you if you PM me with an email address.  Am afraid that one, the confirmation of the reservation, is an electrostatic type copy and no longer very clear but the other two are not bad and the checklist may be useful.  Otherwise, good luck, I hope that all goes well for Laila.



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