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Ticks on Horses


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We are about to move (in July) to Haute Vienne (87) and will be bringing our horse with us.  I have heard that ticks can be a problem for horses as well as dogs.  The dogs have been coming to France with us for a few years now, so I am fairly well versed on what works to repell ticks on them, but does anyone know what I can use on the horse?  As he will be living in the field 24 hours a day to start with (until we can build a shelter) I would like to prevent any trouble before it starts.

Can anyone help?


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I give my horse about 30-50ml of cider vinegar in his food. someone else suggested this to me, I just started it so can't say if it works yet.

[quote]Hi I always put cidre vinegar in their drinking water as it changes the P.H level in their blood, and ticks do not like this, the horses do not seem to mind it ,and also deters biting flies I use 2 ltrs in about 30 gallons,, [/quote]

as I said I don't put it in the water but in his food.

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