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Can anyone help Kiwi the Cat...

Christine Animal

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Kiwi was left behind when her family returned to England.  Since then, she has braved it on her own, spending the past two Winters without any heating or love except for the food which neighbours kindly gave her.

Now the house has been sold, the purchasers want to let the property and Kiwi has to go, very soon.

She is a black spayed female with one eye and she is about ten years old.  Can anyone offer a solution for Kiwi, she wouldn't ask much, just the chance to live and finish her life with the love she deserves.

She is at Champagne Mouton, Charente.


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That's good news Christine, If only I was a multi millionaire......

Our new dog, the one we "nicked" is doing fine now, she would almost certainly have died if we hadn't relieved her owners of her possession. Still, she's ours now, time limit has expired and she is chipped and inoculated, trouble is, as you well know, there are tooooo many animals that need help or a home.


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