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Initial term in rented accomadation in France

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When we move to France next year we propose to move into rented housing to start with for various reasons not the least of which is that it will enable us to ease the stress of the move. But I dont seem to be able to find any sensible explanation for what is involved in a long term rental in France.
Do you understand the various charges that are advertised?

For instance :-
---Catgorie: maison
---Localisation: 82000-MONTAUBAN proche du centre ville
---Prix 763
---Charges mensuelles : 0
---Honoraires la charge du locataire : 382
---Dpt de garantie 1 526

If the Charges mensuelles is the monthly charge what is the prix. Is this the rent?
Is this monthly or can it be weekly? Are you liable for the local taxes. Who pays for the water, electricity, gas and telephone rental? How long is the usual minimum rental (assuming there is one)? How long is a piece of string?
You see where I am going with this one, my head is spinning with the various possibilities. Has anyone got a handle on the rental market (rented TO us) or any pet web sites that may explain all this?

Thanks Chrissie H
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Prix - Monthly rent
Charges mensuelles - normally for refuse collection, communal lighting, etc
Honoraires la charge du locataire - charge for agent, preparing lease, etc
Dpt de garantie - Refundable Deposit

Unfurnished leases are normally 3,6,9 years. The tenant can give 2 months notice at any time.

Furnished leases are less controlled and vary.

Utilities are the responsibility of the tenant.



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We have agents who look after our house in the Haute Savoie. They are very good, but very unyielding in what can and cannot be done by owners . You are in a far better position if you are tenants, who have all the rights in France, as they sign for a period of 3 years, but can get out of the lease by giving 3 months notice at any time. They pay the rental, of course, plus the electricity and water charges, plus an additional amount for rubbish collection, sewerage etc. as one would in England . If you need any further information, you can put a message in our private box and we will be glad to help.
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try www.seloger.com or www.pap.fr

There are mainly two types of private rental in France with a big difference in rights for the tennants. Furnished ( meublee ) rental can be for any period of time and terms can be more or less set by the landlord.

Unfurnished (non meublee) rent is usually for a minimum of 3 years (for the landlord) with the renter having to give 3 months notices. Whilst there is a lot of responsility on the tennant to keep the interior etc of the property up together, the rights in terms of staying are much better swayed towards the tennant.

When you see a price, there is usually the agency fees, which are usually around 7-10% of 1 years rental - e.g approx 1 months rental is the fee for the agent for finding the property. Then there is usally a need for 2 months deposit, and in addition there may be extra charges for appartments, shared heating systems etc. All service bills are extra. Note that unfurnished will be exactly that - often with no kitchen no light fittings etc.

For your example
>763 is the rental per month
> ---Charges
>mensuelles :

This means there are no additional agent or othe fees linked with managing the property and/or oher costs e.g appartment lift servicing contract etc etc

> ---Honoraires
> la charge du locataire
>: 382

These are the non returnable fees to be paid to the agent - which BTW are quite low
> ---Dpt
>de garantie
>1 526
This is the returnable deposit.

>If the Charges mensuelles is the
>monthly charge what is the
>prix. Is this the rent?
>Is this monthly or can it
>be weekly? Are you liable
>for the local taxes.

yes you are liable for tax habitation

>pays for the water, electricity,
>gas and telephone rental?

You pay for all of these

>long is the usual minimum
>rental (assuming there is one)?
>How long is a piece
>of string?

see above


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