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"Just had our dog "done" "


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Feeling so guilty, there she is looking terrible, like an old sea dog, and she should be bouncing around, trying to catch the birds as she does.  Poor little mite has just had her bits done.  I did not want to have it done just yet as she is so young but basically could not cope with all the mongrels in the garden.  The dogs that are just left to roam around.  She would have been okay had it not been for them. She would have stayed put in the garden.  But apparently some go on holiday and leave their dog to fend for itself and there they are in my garden constantly. Not to mention the enormous parcels they leave for her. Please tell me I've done the right thing...... I don't have to scream at the dogs now like a banshee, the neighbours must think I am a crazy woman.


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She'll be fine and frisky again in no time.  We have a rescue dog

who is probably about 6 and she had had litter after litter - as soon

as we got her we had her done and she is fine.  It certainly

hasn't slowed her down - she has caught one adult bird and taken three

babies from their nest in the last few days......  You've

definitely made the right decision so don't worry.

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