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Baby Guinea Pigs Anyone


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Walking round the local market I cam across someone who had some Guinea Pigs for sale.  They were very small and very dirty so, although we already have Guinea pigs (female) I decided to offer a home to two of these poor little creatures.  I quite clearly stated I wanted females only, but it turned out that one of them was a boy.  By the time we realised he had already done the rounds with our girls (as small as he was)[:$] and so now we have a selection of babies which are free to loving homes only.  They make lovely pets for children of all ages.  Unlike rabbits, gerbils etc they don't bite (at least I have never been bitten by one) and I have kept Guinea Pigs since I was a child.  They greet you with squeeks when they have learnt the sound of your voice (sweet) and looked after properly they are not smelly like some other pets.[+o(]





Bill and Ben

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