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Hypoallergenic food

val douest

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As our cat is now permanently on hypoallergenic food to help a skin

condition, I was pleased to find that it is now possible to get the

Arden Grange range of cat (and dog) foods in France.  I have no

connection with the company except as a satisfied customer - their

website is www.ardengrange.fr.


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Still, I have to point out for anyone who has a problem with it like we do, that their line DOES contain Brewer's Yeast.  So, it's no go for us.

I've finally found a European source for Nature's Variety, which is a very high quality U.S. brand that does not contain brewer's yeast.  They now also carry a grain free variety for dogs who are sensitive to grains.  The company that sells it is located in Germany, but ships all across Europe by UPS and I was surprised at how reasonable the shipping rates were.

They are not great, however, on responding to emails.  And, calling is a problem unless  you speak German (which I don't, unfortunately), as they have a long and complicated message on their answerphone that probably tells you to press 1 or something like that.


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Did you know that Burns now do a hypo-allegenic range too? "PORK & POTATO **New**

A hypo-allergenic diet for the avoidance of food intolerance - no wheat, soya, rice or chicken" I know "the Diva" is not over keen on Burns but someone else may be interested. They are alos doing a hypo-allergenic mixer for you to mix with home prepared meals.
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