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Newest Shmoo Adventure


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Our new boy is proving to be quite the interesting family member!  First, on the positive side, I have to say that he is the most incredible dog to train that I've ever owned; he even learns things more willingly than our BC (who wants to know what's in it for her before she does it!).  My neighbors are completely astonished at what I have him doing in such a short time.

That being said, we had a little adventure last

night.  Our friend Hazel, who lives just on the edge of the village,

invited us over for drinks with her and her son Jason who is visiting

from Paris.

Hazel has 3 dogs (Tarquin, Horace and Rab) who are all considerably

smaller than either of my 2, and she also has a lovely, large, enclosed

garden.  So, despite the size differential of the assorted hounds, she

told us to bring Maggie and the Shmoo along with us.

At first, it was a bit hairy, as Tarquin and Shmoo were growling at

each other a bit.  But I'm pleased to say that after a few minutes of

calming exercises with Shmoo, we were finally able to let everyone free

to roam and enjoy themselves.  The humans went inside and the dogs

stayed out.

There were several attempts by Shmoo and Maggie to break in through the

terrace doors, but they realized we were still there and went

exploring.  We checked on them several times and everyone came running

when I whistled, no one appeared the worse for wear, and all seemed to

be well.

I did a last check and went back inside for a final chat, then about 5

minutes later we decided we'd best get home to feed the hungry

creatures.  JM and I went outside and I blew my handy dandy whistle. 

Maggie came, Tarquin came but no Shmoo.  By now, it was pitch black

outside and Hazel had no outside lighting.  After calling for a few

seconds I realized that I heard crying somewhere in the darkness.  JM

heard it too and we were convinced that was Shmoo.

Even though Hazel's garden is enclosed, her property is right on the

main road (although down an embankment) and that can have some pretty

fast traffic at times.  I had horrible visions of Shmoo lying bleeding

on the road.  Hazel found a couple of flashlights and Jason and I went

around towards the back of the property.  As we got closer, the sounds

of Shmoo crying got louder.

Jason found him: he had managed somehow to jump into Hazel's

above-ground swimming pool!  I still have no idea HOW he did this, as

it is a good 4 feet tall with no terrace or platform around it.  There

is a hill behind it, but that would have been a prodigious jump.  With

the fact that it had a tarp over it, so what he was standing on was

soft and gave him no foothold, and also because the sides are just

straight up and down, there was no way that the poor boy could actually

get out.  Luckily, the only water in it was what had collected on the

tarp, so I don't think he risked drowning, but it was terrifying for

all of us.  Jason was able to pull him out, Hazel got some towels and

we dried him off.

Unfortunately, the water smelled disgusting from the rotting leaves and

god knows what else that had collected on the tarp. So poor Shmoo was

subjected to yet one more indignity and dragged against his will into

the bath.

Our lesson for the evening: we are right to not want to leave the dogs

unsupervised in an outdoor area.  We were lucky that no one was hurt,

but I just don't think my nerves can take that kind of thing again!

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He is indeed a character, Lori!  Right now, both dogs are sound asleep on the couch, but five minutes ago they were tearing around the house like wildthings.

Yesterday, btw, he stole a giant bread knife off the table!  I don't know what he planned to do with that.


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