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Why we adopt a particular dog


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Someone wrote to me on my blog because she felt I hadn't really

explained WHY we decided to keep Shmoo.  I'm posting my answer here,

because I think it explains why certain dogs are "keepers" for each of


The three dogs I've had as an adult have all been rescues of one kind

or another. Maggie we got from a rescue organization and both the late,

great Taffy-Jerome and the Shmoo just sort of walked into our lives.

Now, I love all dogs, as does Mr. Possum, but sometimes there is a dog that

brings you something special. It's hard to totally explain; you just

know that you were meant for each other.

At first, I really made an effort to not allow Shmoo a space in my heart. We weren't going to

keep him as we already had Maggie and didn't want to do anything to

cause her to feel displaced. But Shmoo has that "special" quality about

him that is similar to what caused us to bond with Maggie so quickly.

He has a way of looking at you that makes you aware he is truly trying

to communicate. And, although he had been out on his own for at least a

month it was obvious that he was a dog who was searching for "his"


He has a way of coming over and putting his head on your

knee, or just snuggling up to you, that just let's you know that he has

"chosen" you as much as you have chosen him. He also lives up to his

name in that in most things, he clearly wants to please, I've never had

a dog that learns things so quickly. Maggie is smart and understands

what you want but doesn't always feel like doing it. Shmoo understands

and just does it because you ask him.

As each day went by, he just wormed his way more and more into our hearts. We felt that if we

sent him away we would be abandoning him yet once more in his short

life and we just couldn't stand hurting him again.

So, that is why he went from a stray to being ours.


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Lovely post PG - I understand what you say because as you may know we have just adopted Trevor (previously Trésor).  Some of my friends have been surprised as I was a dalmatian breeder in UK and, without wishing to sound boastful, could have had the fanciest dog from any of the fancy kennels in Europe.  Trev's predecessor Rupert was in fact a top show and stud dog.  HOWEVER, that has got nothing to do with why I love them.  When I saw Trevor's eyes in the first photo I just knew I had to get him  He has the soppiest brown eyes full of expression that just said 'Please love me'.  Even though he has only been with us for 10 days he is part of our family.  As I type he is lying beside me and I couldn't part with him now even if someone offered loads of money.  He's very skinny (though he has put on 3kgs already) and got lots of scars but to us he is beautiful.

Scmoo sounds like a real treasure and I hope he gives you many years of pleasure.



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Trevor has always sounded like a wonderful boy.  And it's true, you just "know."

When Taffy-Jerome died, we had decided we wouldn't get another dog right away; but because we work at home we found that the emptiness was unbearable.  We kept finding excuses to leave the house, which was a real handicap as you can imagine!

We decided to just "look" at what the rescue groups had to offer, and, since it was a big city, there were a lot of them!  But, a week after T-J crossed the Bridge, I opened the L.A. Times and there was a big ad for Maggie.  She was described as an orphan, BC/Lab mix.  I told Mr. Possum that I had found our dog. Now, I know that seems weird as there wasn't even a photo, but I just had the feeling that she was waiting for us.

As it turned out, that particular rescue group was having an event that very day in a part of L.A. where we were heading for business reasons.  We stopped in to see her.  All the other dogs were jumping around going nuts and Maggie just sat there in the elegant, lady-like pose that she has and looked at us.  I sat down and she came and sat between my knees and put her head on my leg.

The rescuers were going around giving treats to all the other dogs and I asked for one for Maggie.  They told me she wouldn't eat it, but gave it to me anyway.  She immediately took it from me and ate it.  Knowing her as I do now, I realize that that really meant she trusted us because she won't eat if she's stressed or upset in any way.

They told us that over 2 dozen people had put in applications for her and they'd turned them all down!  So, I was right: she was waiting for us.


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