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taking puppies to France


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Hi Everyone,

New to this forum and this is my first post. I've seen similar questions asked but can't really find a definitive answer.

We are moving to France this year and are thinking of buying a Labradoodle puppy before we go. At what age can it have it's rabies jab and subsequently be free to travel.

Alternatively, does anyone know of labradoodle breeders in France or how to go about finding one?

Hope you can help, thanks


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I live in France and have had no luck in finding any breeder of Labradoodles here.  There are not many breeders of Standard Poodles either so bringing a Labradoodle with you is a good idea.  I would love to have a dog of this breed but have no way of getting one from the UK.

Good luck in finding a Labradoodle.


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