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Hay feed net


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Hi Dotty

We couldnt find them in France either. A friend posted them from the UK to us, about £5 each I think, any horse feed supplier should have them. I would perhaps not use them for goats ( we use them for our sheep ) as they are basically made from string and will be chewed if I know goats. When we had goats ( never again !! ) I bought some weldmesh and cut and bent it to the rough shape.

Best of luck

John & Sue

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I wouldn't use nets for goats either - I would be paranoid about them getting feet or horns tangled in the holes. We use hay-bags which can be found in Decathlon for a few Euros, or bought on-line from most of the Equestrian retailers, most of whom post to France. They are basically a heavy canvas type bag with a hole about 6 inches square on one side at the bottom - ours have survived really well and have not been chewed and there is no risk of them getting caught up in them.



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