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Small rescue dog wanted


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We are finally in a state to tick another 'want' on our list. We want a small dog and would prefer a rescue dog.

We live in the Northern Lot, so does anyone know of any rescue centres or similar in our area. Also does any one know of a dog that needs rehoming. It must be small, I cannot handle large dogs and there are enough of them in our hamlet including two Argentinian Puma Hunters - huge white vicious things.

I want a Yorkie but my want is not greater than the need to rehome a dog and give it a good life. We are rural with enough land to keep any dog happy.

This is Di - but OH agrees :)

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Hello Di,

In your department you have PoorPaws and just have a look what Sue has on their site right now !

"Puppies.  As you will see from the photos, mum is a tiny sort of Yorkie squit of a dog and as for dad, well he didn't leave a forwarding address, but we suspect a Bichon or small terrier.  There are two little boys looking for kind homes and they will be ready to go mid-June/early July.  So, for those of you looking for a small dog, book early to avoid disappointment!"



And if you prefer an adult, rather than a pup, perhaps you could have the mum !


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Hi Di

We came across Chance in the refuge near us at Narbonne.  It may be further than you're prepared to travel but look at her!  She was found in a decheterie and would have gone through the crusher had she not been spotted!  Hence her name I guess.  She's only a couple of months old.


She might be just what you're after.

We're not quite ready for a dog yet but will be in the next couple of months.   We're hoping that Chance will have a home by then but if not, we'd certainly go and see her with a view to giving her a nice home.

As I say, it's probably a long journey but could be worth it and Narbonne's a nice neck of the woods to spend a few days in!

All the best


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