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We’re moving out on a permanent basis next year

and are hoping to set up a dog sitting business, we would want this to involve

having our furry guests at home with us as one of our family. Can

anyone give me any advice on what type of business we would need to set

up (from what I've read would it be a micro business?) and what sort of insurance would be needed with this type of venture - to cover possible animals medical expenses etc.

Any help gratefully received!
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Hi Tony, Thanks for that.

We are in the south part of 87 so not too far from your friends. Do you

know where they got their info from? I need to find out the extra rules

and regs to do with animals as well as all the "normal" setting up a

business side of things. I'm also interested to find out about

insurance, what do other people have in place for when an animal gets

sick and needs a trip to the vets? Are there different rules if you

only have a couple of dogs at a time in your house to if you have a

kennels type set up?
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you need to either have proof of at least three years commercial experience in looking after animals in the uk or sit an exam in french (You are allowed an interpretor) If you pass you then apply to the D.S.V. who have to approve your application and they then forward it to the prefecture who will issue you with a certificate of competence. If you are looking after a couple of dogs in your own home then you should be ok but if you want to open a boarding kennel you need to get a copy of the regulations(about five pages of them) from the prefecture they apply to things like building materials noise levels waste etc. you must be 100 metres from the nearest habitation and neighbours of up to a kilometre away have a right to complain about noise,smell etc.

problem is if you only look after a couple of dogs you wont earn enough money to live on or pay cotisations, France is not geared up for part time work. We are here in our third year and are just about getting to the point where we can apply for planning permission!! Its a big investment  and you need to be certain that there is a big enough market ie Brits in the area you plan to set up in. The French seldom use kennels  they either take their pets with them or friends and family look after them.

Best of luck


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Mmmm… thanks for that. Things like this do indeed seem to be

more difficult in France!

We don’t have 3 years commercial experience so it would mean

taking the exam which is not a problem but as you say will it be worth the

investment. We don't want to set up kennels or anything on that scale but I’ll get a copy of the documentation

form the prefecture to have a look at anyway. We were not looking at this as

our sole source of income but neither do we want to break even or run at a loss….

 Thanks very much for pointing us in the right

direction – now for some more research!

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