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Taking the Cat to france...


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Hi All :)

In the next 4-6 weeks we plan on taking our cat out to France. I have a question though. Our closest airport is actually Geneva, so we would ideally like to fly the cat to Geneva and then drive the 1 hour back to where we live. Once we get the cat (Boyd) into Suisse, will we encounter any problems taking him across the border in to France by car? Are we allowed to do this? Or... are we better taking having him flown to Lyon which is about 2.5 hours away. Actually looking at that, I wonder if I will still end up going through Switzerland anyway. I assume taking animals across the Suisse and French borders must happen all the time by car.

Any advice would be appreciated :) I just want to get the wee man out there as quickly and as safely as possible :)




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We regularly cross the border from Belgium into France with our dogs. We have an English registered car. Never have been asked for any papers for them.

My daughter came over with her cat. Crossing from Dover to Calais on the hovercraft. This was the only option open to her as she was not in a car but a foot passenger. Pets have to be left in a vehicle on other routes  She had all the necessary passport stuff for him. On entering France no-one was interested in the paperwork. That was four years ago mind you.

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