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 We have had occasion to rescue a female cat and with three kittens, from the annual cull in our nearby village! We advertised the kittens and managed to get good homes for them. We have had the mother sterilized and took her'temporary' into our home and advertised repeatedly to try to find a home for her, as we live on a very busy road and were afraid for her life.

After two weeks, she has settled down with us; has got the name of Polly; eating for France; and getting very friendly; so much so, that we do not really want her to leave! The danger of the road is still apparent, but as she seems agrophopic, she does not want to go outside at all. This is because she is semi-feral and has lived for the past two years very quietly in an empty building in the village and survived  mostly on charity scraps and the odd mice or two!

Now our problem is to intergrate her with our own cat, a 10 year old female Birman called Suki! The newcomer spits at her when they are in the same room together and as out cat is rather delicate, we are afraid for her and really cannot allow them to have a set-to.

Could some knowledgeable person tell us how we can make them friendly with each other, without fear of a fight?

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