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We have lived in this rural area of France for 16 months.  Our neighbours (who do not speak any English) are cattle farmers and they have done so much for us during this time.  Despite a language barrier, (we do not speak much French) they really are the very best neighbours that anyone could ask for and we have always found it very difficult to repay them because as you no doubt know, the French in this area seem to be offended if you give them any money in payment.  

Anyway, we think we have found a solution whereby we can pay them back for their kindness.  They are not technicaly minded so they do not own a PC and are therefore not able to reach an audience like we can by using this medium.

The situation is that they have 4 German Shephard male puppies they want to sell.  Both parents can be seen and if anyone wants further details and pictures, please get in touch and we will send photos taken today (15th August).  The dogs were born at the end of May.  They really are faultless pups - they have a superb nature and are very well up to weight.  Living on a farm they are used to people, other animals, and farm machinery.  There's no question, first to see, will buy. 



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