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Exporting 5 pets to France

Suzy Johnston

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Can anyone advise me about this?  We intend moving to Burgundy in 2009 & are trying to plan in advance.  We have 1 medium-sized dog who already has a pet passport.  Also 4 cats - the oldest doesn't even have a microchip but we could organise this.

I think I found out from somewhere that you can only take 3 pets to live in France so we might have to find new homes for the 2 youngest cats.

I've visited the DEFRA website, but it doesn't really help much with stuff on exporting.

Also, are catteries usual in France?



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We also brought 5 pets to France. In theory you need a "derogation sanitaire" from the French Ministry of Agriculture, although anecdotally, many people get away without this!  You can write to them at 251, rue de Vaugirard, 75732 PARIS CEDEX 15.  'Phone 01 49 55 84 70, Fax 01 49 55 81 97. It was a formality and easily obtained.

Microchips/rabies jabs and passports though, you must have for all the animals, plus, under the conditions of the derogation, a declaration from your vet' that they are fit and healthy enough to travel (there's a page on the passport for this.)

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