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We bought one (France Rural) about 4 months ago. To be honest I would have built one if it were not that my local wood shop didn't get delivery of the wood in time and the chickens were not arriving two days after the wood.

The long and the short of it was that we paid a lot of money for something I could have made for half the price if the timing was right. If I did it again I would have bought the Lambris (tongued and grooved stuff, the cheapest of course) and some 1" x 1" baton and make it myself. If, like us, you have never had chickens before there are loads of websites for info. We have found that we get on average an egg per bird per day regardless of what people say and our chickens eat very well. Do be aware that if you let them 'range' they can be quite destructive with their 'digging' and eat all salad stuff except tom's so you need to section off your veg plot. The plus side is that the eggs are fantastic and taste much better than those bought from the shops.

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