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how to take a cat and dog to france ??


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we are moving to france in march. neither our cat or dog has had booster jabs. neither has had the rabies jab.

I am reading conflicting things as to how we should proceed. It would seem we do not need the animal passport as we are not intending at this stage, to return. (at least for a year or two if things go wrong)

So, what do we need to do to our poor little animals to get them to the land of sunshine?

(I did a search on all forums, using the word PETS, it bought up numbers 1 - 10, but then when I press for next page, nothing happens. I keep getting this problem)

many thanks, Bev

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When we took our cats to France we obtained from our local branch of MAFF (Defra) an Animal Export Licence.  The pets were then examined by our local Vet who then vaccinated them and signed the licence.  That was all that we needed.  You should look up your local AHDO on the link below and they will provide you with the necessary information.


Best of Luck


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As from October they will need the new style pet passports (they are available and can also be used now). Each animal will need a microchip AND a rabies jab, in that order (this applies even if they are not returning to the UK, but they wont need the blood test in that event). I think its 72 hours before travel they must be examined by a certified vet and pronounced fit to travel.

The passports are very similar to Human ones, with pages for name, chip numbers, PHOTO and separate pages for jabs, examinations etc

Best thing to do is ring your vet and see if they are familiar with the procedures, or check the DEFRA website, although it wasn't up to date last time I looked due to the recent changes.



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