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'Lancia' Percheron


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Thought I would just give a quick update on how Lanica and I are getting on. Some of you know that I rescued her 3months ago just after I had my GSD put to sleep.

I had real difficulties with getting her to trust me and allow me to do anything with her including pick her feet up initially. She did start to trust me enough to let me groom her, eventually get her mane and tail untangled although we still struggled to pick her feet up. Then a breakthrough she started to pick her front feet up, Thanks to Trina for helping to get her to do that. However we had to come home and she was a nightmare with her back feet. Some of you already know I have now got a wonderful chap helping us(Richard aka drivinghorses) he has been around 5 times in the last 8days and has worked with both Lancia and myself. Richard took about 15mins to get her to lift her back feet the first time,OMG she could kick for France! lol. Now she just lifts them straightaway and she'll even do it for me, yippee!! Richard is really helping us get our confidence together and has been an absolute angel. Have a look at the pics although please don't look at the state of her feet, farrier coming soon and please don't look at me either no face on and looking chunky, now you know why I've got a Percheron,lol!



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Christine, Yep her bottom lip was hanging!  As to my wellies believe it or not they are actually at least 5years old, think it's a trick of the camera that they look so clean haha!

Chrissie, Thanks! I agree she does deserve to have a good life and I will do everything in my power to make sure she does.

She certainly brings a smile to my face and after losing Morse I sincerely thought I wouldn't smile ever again.

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Eco Ferme,

You are quite correct about the Percheron being a wonderful breed, although I think  may be slightly biased as I absolutely adore my girl.[:D]

I have a wonderful chap,Richard known as DrivingHorses helping me school her. We are pretty sure she has never had a bit in her mouth it is just so soft. We have been long reigning her and Richard and I are going to school her for working on the land as Richard already does this with his heavies(Bretons,Shire & Gypsy Cob).

I loved your website and seeing your photo's of you working your Percherons, IMHO there is nothing better than seeing heavies actually doing what they were meant for.


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