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We're in the process of 'being moved' (as in being packed up right now...) from our home in France, to just an hour up the road. What's the norm here with regards to removal men  -  do people tip them or not when the job has been finished and (hopefully...) all has gone according to plan?

Many thanks,


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Hi Richard,

Just saw your post.  From friends who moved within using removal firms, every last one of them gave them the thumbs down!  Yours seems to have gone well, but one point which has been an issue for friends in with regards to breakages - you have a very small amount of time usually 3 days to inform the company of any damage/breakage.  Which is not really a sufficient amount of time considering people take sometimes weeks to unpack - then its too late!

So if you have any valuable or sentimental items which you do not want damaged or broken, my advice would be check immediately, take photos and then send all this info by Poste Recommende.

Just some advice really - we moved ourselves, saved a fortune, nothing broken, but very stressful!


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