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HELP - Our dog is missing in France


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Hi there

Please help - my dog is LOST....

Whilst on holiday in Tursac in the Dordogne, our lovely family pet Weimaraner, Phoebe, ran off whilst walking in the forest. Very unusual behavior for her - we are guessing she got a bit lost

then panicked and ran in wrong direction. She has been missing for a

week now - and the area is very, very wooded - so much forest around.

She is microchipped, very friendly but maybe a bit timid - and we are just praying somebody finds her.

I am desperate to find her and don't know what else to.  I am just trying to

spread the word (unlikely I know).

If you live, or have friends that live, in the Tursac region - if there is anything you can do to help - I would be so, so grateful...

If anyone spots her -
she is wearing a bright red collar - please take her to the nearest vet and they can track us through the microchip.

Any other suggestions or knowledgable advice of this terrible situation would be appreciated.

A very sad, but hopeful, Boo
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Thank you for all the messages of advice about finding our lost dog Phoebe in the Tursac area

Christine - thank you for you help in this matter - really grateful.

For others who may live in the Tursac area or have friends and family there that can keep their eyes peeled - here is a link to a webpage with photos of her that Christine put up:


Phoenix Association are really helping - putting up posters and all sorts.

Latest news is that a lady who lives in Les Eyzies has seen a large dog in a red collar wandering near her home for a few days. I am praying so hard that it is Phoebe.

Will keep you posted as to progress.

Thanks again...

A sad and worried, but ever hopeful,


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That is great - thank you so much.  The level of help I am receiving from yourself, and people like you, is pretty overwhelming. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Will keep you posted...


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I have some wonderful news to report!!  Phoebe has been found. I haven't got all details yet as to where/how - but as soon as I do I will let you know.  Thank you all for such tremendous support during this terrible time. I cannot express how we feel now - shock, releif, amazement - but overall - complete joy.

I will update the forum with the rest of the tale - when I have news.

A very happy,



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Well - as promised - the story of Phoebe's adventure in a small nutshell...

she was found about 15km from where she went missing, thanks to the fabulous help from Association Phoenix.

They spent a couple of

days putting posters up all over the place,
spoke to eveyone they saw about Phoebe, as well as walking through some of the forest looking for her.

A lady who lives in Tursac area read one of the posters and had recognized the image as looking like a dog she had seen some miles away around Montignac. She reported this - and then lots of 'asking around' that area was done. It was then discovered that a local man had been seen with her. It turned out that last week, this man had seen Phoebe wanding around near his home - had asked around to see if anyone knew who she was - no joy - so he took her in.  So she has at least been looked after kindly by the man and his family - so she has been kept safe from harm. The man contacted Phoenix once he was made aware that she was a lost dog, not just abandoned, and then the Phoenix team picked her up.

So a combination of things, but ultimately the generosity and kindness of strangers has meant our Phoebe is found, and is well, healthy and safe.

Thank you all for such tremendous support during

this terrible time. I cannot express how we feel now - but you may

imagine - it is something along the lines of deliriously happy!!!!!!!!

A very thankful,


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What a relief and how lucky because it looks as if the person who took her in thought she was abandoned, seeing no identity or tattoo and noone knew her.  In the country people still haven't caught on to the microchip (you can't see it!).

Recently someone near here found a dog, but didn't know about the chip.  She didn't even understand how it works and when I suggested taking him to the vet to see, she was worried about having to pay for the visit.  So it's really necessary to have an "outside identity" as well.

I'm very happy for you and Phoebe Boo.   [:)]


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