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Our semi-adopted cat (pics here) got into a fight with another cat at the beginning of the week.

She has a raw-looking surface wound on the side of her tummy and she keeps licking it. I have been keeping an eye on her: there is no sign of infection, she's eating and drinking well and she returned to her usual behaviour after a couple of days of being a bit sorry for herself.

Her behaviour last night and today makes me suspect her wound is itching and driving her up the wall.

She has started being generally very agitated, keeps jumping from one chair to another, her tail is flicking like a broken metronome and she keep licking her wound, which makes it worse.

I managed to slip her a calming tablet with her food this morning and she has settled down for now. I am hoping a few hours of not licking will give the wound a chance to dry out and heal a bit.

I'll take her to the vet's on Monday if she is still acting up, but I

can't imagine what he would do... and I'd have to give her another pill

just to put her in the carrier...

Is there anything else I can do to help her get over the tricky itchy stage? If she were a child, I'd give her a warm bath and put her to bed, but I don't believe it would work here!

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This is a tricky one as you can't really use anything containing steroid (which would stop the itching) in case it harms her.

For all my animals, I used to use aloe vera (which doesn't harm them even if they lick it).  It would have to be a very high quality product with a good percentage of aloe vera.  Alternatively, if you know anyone with a plant in the garden, you can cut open a leaf and put the sticky juice on the wound.

It is very soothing and also helps stop infection.  I know of a Burns Unit in a hospital in West Wales that used it on humans.  It's even better on animals, of course, because their powers of recovery seem to me to be far superior to that of humans.

Good luck with you cat, Clair.

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Thanks for the suggestions [:)].

She's been asleep most of the afternoon and the wound has dried up for now.

Chrissie, I don't think I could get her anywhere near water, let alone salted water! I'd have to wear welding gloves, a pair of googles and a thick triple-lined jumpsuit [:D][:D]

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