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Home needed for two and half year old female Jack Russell Terrier (long legged, black and white)


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[:)]Hi All,

I am based in Pas de Calais (62) about half an hour from Calais. We have a two / three year old Jack russel terrier that needs to be rehomed. She is a spayed, microchipped, with pet passport and up to date rabies vaccination, her yearly vacinations for parvo, hep etc are unfortunately out of date we missed the last vacc when we moved to france.

She is a black and white Parsons Jack Russell (the long legged type) she is smooth coat and does not have a thick rough coat, she is not a dog to live outdoors we are looking for a loving family / couple home not an outdoor working home please.

We have had her since a pup and she has always been brilliant with the children she was brought up with my oldest son who is now also two and a half as she was only 3 months old when he was born, I also now have a eight month old too. They both play with her and she has always been great with them even when they have been heavy handed, HOWEVER she has started to growl at the children if she has food (she never does this with adults) and today snapped at my son when he ran into the kitchen when she was eating.

With a two year old that opens doors and an eight month old crawling I simply can't take the risk that they may get bitten. I am also concerned that in a busy house with small children this might progress to her feeling threatened and guarding beds, toys etc

She is lively and active being a young dog still, is great with older kids loves to play footy and have cuddles etc she loves to play fetch and good walks. She walks on a halti and pulls without it, but this is due to lack of heelwork training. She is good off the lead, has a good recall, knows sit , down, wait (for dinner) roll over, paw, hi five, bed. Though with a lack of time recently these are all a bit rusty and could do with some polishing up!

She loves to be with people she wouldn't be happy being left home alone everyday. By evening she is happy to lay in her bed and snooze, in the day she likes to potter around with you. She goes out in the garden in the daytime and can be left out there if you are busy or go out. If you leave her in the house and go out for any length she gets stressed and will bark and sometimes has an accident. At night she will either sleep on a blanket in the bedroom (if you wanted her too) or in a dog crate in the hall or in a bed in a smallish room like utility or bathroom etc. She is lively (bouncy) when meeting new people.

I have tried to be uber-honest but she is a great companion and a lovely little character and she is much loved and really bonds with her owner/s. I really would like a home where she can be with someone most of the time, that will play with her and will have plenty of snuggles in the evening ... and maybe even a spot on the sofa for her? Her idea of doggy heaven. As such someone interested would need to be prepared to visit at least a couple of times, you won't be able to turn up and take her!

I have loads more photos if you want them, just contact me.




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I wish more people would post such a complete and honest description of pets that need rehoming - well done. She sounds like a little gem in many ways and I am sure would probably be ok with older children who wouldn't perhaps fuss with her too much on her level (her toys and food in particular) as they could be made to understand not to for her sake - also older children would most probably love to throw a ball for her etc.  So a family home need not be ruled out just because she has snapped at toddlers to warn them off her food and in any case she is a youngster also and will more than likely grow away from that in the right environment.  I had one like her years ago and they are just marvellous companion dogs and so easy to manage when they behave well like she does clearly.  I do hope you find her a nice home and it sounds like you are going to be very selective which is so good - then again I'm sure you will find it a wrench parting with her also.  Best wishes - some pictures of her is all that's missing as other have said.

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Hi All,

Thank you for your help and positive responses. It is a hard decision without the aggresive messages I have received from other sites! Just to confirm Belle has always been fine with other dogs, loves to play with playmates and avoids those who don't like her company! She has stayed with my sister and her Lab a few times for holidays also and no problems there. Being a JR she isn't keen on cats or other very small animals like hamsters etc.

I'm trying to upload photos now.


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She's got a lovely kind face - she would certainly be an asset to a lively family and do a grand job of keeping the critters out of barns etc., whilst having fun!  They really are cracking little dogs but certainly not compatible with cats and small pet animals like rabbits etc....... that is true!  Someone will want her for sure, hang in there!

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Well done for your honest description, my friend has had exactly the same issue with her lovely JR around her daughter, it's so hard to come to this decision but I think you are doing the right thing for everyone concerned.  My firends JR now lives happily with another friend with older kids and no problems at all, just the sweetest dog who doesn't take to babies and toddlers moving in on their territory.  I wish you the very best of luck with the rehoming, someone out there must want that beautiful face!


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Sorry for the delay in answering, I was travelling back to the UK.

After a long talk with Mr Babbles we think it would be a bit unfair on our old Airedale Toby to not only make him move to another country but to have to get to know and live with another dog, it would be too much for him in his old age and he's not good with change.

She looks delightful and I'm sure there will be on this forum somebody who can help out, good luck,

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