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Dog on the ferry


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Im taking my dog to france in a couple of weeks and have just read this ... it says that they have to have a muzzles.


Is this correct no one has mentioned this before and I have been asking loads about taking her ... she is not a dangerous breed ..in the complete oppersite .

Has any one taken there dog and been asked to use one ?
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We travel back and forth on the ferries with our staffie and have never been asked to have him muzzled The only thing I can think of is that when they have to "swipe" their chip, some of the staff may request a dog to be muzzled.

We have always been give the device and scanned our dog ourself in the back of the car so never been asked to have him muzzled.

We did once get advised in Calais that if we were taking a breed such as ours out and about in the town that the police may stop us and ask him to be muzzled ( despite the fact that he is now old and has always been the most docile and friendly dog we have ever owned). Far more friendly and relaxed than some of the so called "yappy" breeds.

Anyway hope that is of some use.

Bon Voyage

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I asked this question on another forum, and recieved differing replies, so I take it you have just read the bottom of your ticket from Brittany Ferries as I did.

Some people have been asked to use one, some had not, so I decided to buy one just in case. My Lab is totally harmless so I am reluctant to muzzel him as well, so on my last trip in May, I went to the check in desk with the paperwork, then when handed the scanner I got the dog brought in, scanned then dog straight back out to the car. This was at Caen so the doors are very close to the desks.

But, on the way over at Portsmouth, I had a problem finding the chip (it moves about) and went to the booth to say I could not travel when another check in guy (bit stroppy) came out to try and asked if I had a muzzel and he had one if I wanted. Anyway he couldnt wait so with dog wagging tail he just found the chip straight away sans muzzel.

So, if they are enforcing this rule I do not know, but it may pay to take one just in case, but as BF so not own the port and anyone can walk in with a dog I do not know how they will enforce this other than by refusing travel, but I always scan the dog anyway and they never venture out from behind the desk.

Also, the check in is much quicker now as they do it on the PC and do not have to fill the form out by hand then photocopy it as previously.

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You may already be on your hols now but when we returned on Brittany Ferries 3 wks ago on the return journey they gave us a muzzle. They said that the dog has to wear it when you go into the terminal to get paperwork & chip checked. However, the people in the car next to us had a little jack russell & they didn't give them one or mention a muzzle. Our dog is a Dalmatian and soft as butter :( However the muzzle they gave us is really good quality and FREE!
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