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Holidaying pets


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If you are taking your pets on holiday, do spend a few minutes online before you go checking out where the nearest vet will be in case of an emergency. It's so easy to do whatever country you are going to, and it could save you a lot of worry, and maybe your the life of your pet.

Most hotels, campsites & self-catering cottages will have the human emergency numbers handy, but not all of them will know the vet.

For France, go to http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/trouverlesprofessionnels/index.do, type Vétérinaire into the 'quoi, qui' box and your holidat destination (town, postcode or dept) into the 'ou' box.

Note down the details and print out the map, and put it with all the important holiday documents.

Also, if the pet ID disc only has your home phone N° on it, get another one done with your mobile N° incl the relevant international code if you're abroad.

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