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Kennels in Deux Sèvres/ Charente Maritime , South Vendée...


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I know, this has been asked before, but things may change, the kennels I used to leave my dog in have now closed, and I am looking for a good place to leave him during the Christmas holidays. ( Even if I must drive a bit.)

Don't mention Terves, please, I was not happy with them when they told me they used to throw a bucketful of water at him when he was barking !!!!!

In Niort, there is one, but they stay enclosed all the time, and; for his well being, my big dog needs to run a bit every day , as he is full of energy , ( cross Labrador/Husky)

This is quite urgent as I need to book as soon as possible.

For people who know me, yes, I have two dogs, but the other one can accompany me.





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