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New passport rules....oh dear


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My husband pointed out to me today that with the new passport rules in the new year being reduced to 21 days I will have time to passport the next stray that arrives at my house in France .... His warning of nothing to big because the more animals in our little car means the less stuff I can take with me and I already have problems managering 2 on my own..... ( not daft my other half)

Any how my questions are ( buggar waiting for one to arrive) If I get a cat or dog from the SPA will I be allowed to take it out of the country ( sure the rules here say you have to tell them if you move ) and if I only have 2 animals booked on the ferry will I need to tell them a 3rd is coming back and can I do this via the phone as I dont have much access to internet out there

Has any one gone home with more than there came out with before ?

Many Thanks
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Yes, you will be able to return to the UK with a rescued dog from France, as long as you have complied with the rules and regs for a pet passport for entry to the UK (from January 2012 - a reduced wait time at last, as you say).  Once you have adopted your dog from a Refuge, you will need to go straight to a vet to have a rabies jab and start the paperwork for the UK - any vet should be able to explain what you will need to do.  If you have given your main residence (UK) to the Refuge when you adopt, the SCC registration document will be sent to this address in due course. 

As to notifying your ferry company - I can't answer that one, but normally, if all the paperwork is in order for the dog, there should be no problem - although you may have to pay an additional charge for an extra dog!  Best to check with your ferry company to find out in advance, just in case.


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