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5 kittens~ urgently need new 'parents'.....


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I am swamped with cats ( not totally of my choosing ) they are the offspring of a cat who took up home in the spacious garden and has managed to vigorously evade being picked up and spayed...but sadly not to evade the virile stray toms who frequent the place.

so now there are 5 friendly young (4 @ nine weeks old` 2 tortoiseshell girls, one ginger chap and a little black chap with a small white shirt ) and a female who is about 3 months old~ immensely affectionate, who all need a home. They are used to living in a bundle with each other~ so even though it might be a bit of a pipe dream, I would love the kits to go in pairs, preferably somewhere with a garden.

It is impossible to keep them as there are 7 other cats who live here currently. I have just tended to them as the alternative is not an option for me.

If you know of ANYONe who might be interested. Please pass this on!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much.

Also, if anyone near to me woul be willing to help me catch the mother(s) to have them speyed I would be eternally in your debt!

We are near Molieres, 24480.

please click this link to access pics of the kits~ as I dont know how to post directly on to this site :) thank you

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