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Just popped in to say "Hallo"

Megan le Fey

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Hi Guys

Hope everyone and their pets are doing OK.  I was just passing so to speak and as this forum was responsible for me having both my adored dogs I thought I would leave you all a photobucket  link to a few recent  pics of them.  They are not the best pics in the world, I am just not a photographer I'm afraid but as you can see, they are quite enjoying life in the Welsh mountains.  I am afraid that poor old Val, (the GSD) probably has CDRM, a degenerative disease that attacks the hindquarters, so I think that he may be on borrowed time but I will see that he makes the best what he has left and he is 10 and a bit now and still looking good on it - just sometimes his legs go from under him but he darn well gets right up again and gets on with fetching the ball.  He loves to swim in the river and jumps right in when we walk that way ....................................but there I am going on and on.  Here is the link


Best wishes


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It's great to hear from you and to see you back Anne.   [:)]  I have often wondered about you, but see you must not be missing France too much with that crikey oh my goodness scenery!  You mean you have all that on your doorstep?  What a place to go for a walk with the dogs.  Is that right by your house?

Both Connie and Val look so beautiful and happy.  What a shame about Val's hind legs, yes, you can see it.  Is there anything you can give him for it?  I'm afraid I don't know what CDRM stands for.

Keep posting please.   [:D]


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...................and lovely to hear from you Christine. 

As I understand it CDRM stands for Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyelopathy and it mainly affects GSDs.  According to the vet there is nothing much that can be done about it.  Happily (I suppose), it doesn't really effect anything else, there is no pain associated with it and apart from him losing his legs a bit on a fast turn or on steps, he doesn't yet know that he has a problem.  Eventually there will be "pooh-ing" problems as they become unable to properly squat and so on until they lose the use of the back legs entirely and already he has to pee like a girl - he can't lift his leg.  Some people do have carts for their hindquarters but I am not thinking that far ahead just yet.  I just want to do my best to keep as much muscle tone there as I can and to make sure he just has a good a time as possible.

As you say, it is stunningly beautiful here.  I am about 6 miles from Builth Wells in a really small farming village and in the general area of the Brecon Beacons.  My immediate neighbours are in the field next door - 5 cows, each with an adorable, very new calf and there are red kites around all the time.  On the debit side, the human neighbours have warned me that the winters can be rather fierce - it seems that the termperatures last year reached minus 18 last winter.   Brrrrrrrrrr!

The river walks (there are three that we use) are just down the hill, five minutes walk away and then, depending on whether they are occupied by sheep or cattle there are fields all around for gallops and ball games.  The forest and mountain walks are about 8 miles drive.  There are closer ones but they are more frequented and Val can get a bit grumpy with small dogs who go for him (why do little dogs do that). He has never actually gone back  for one yet but I like to avoid the possibility if I can.  Much of the land around seems to be Forestry Commission with lots of picnic areas, bridle paths and even small corrals and hitching posts for your horses alongside picnic tables & benches. All the facilities for visitors and yet I have been here since March and, apart from the Sugarloaf ,I have never seen any visitors there, only locals.

....................and yes,  much as I like it here, and the dogs love it, I do miss France but with Frank's Alzheimer's, returning to UK was the only fair thing to do.  He is now in long term care in Swansea and battles to communicate in English,  it would have been impossible for him in a French establishment.

I am now off to make myself some lunch whilst I consider which walk we will do this afternoon.

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