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Homes wanted for kittens.


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Good morning,

This is my first 'posting' so if I get any forum 'protocol' wrong ; please forgive me.

My wife, cat and I retired to our old pile of stones in Morbihan in July.

On 31st October we were fishing on the River Blavet at Minazen when 3 tiny kittens appeared from the undergrowth.

We estimated that they were about 3 weeks old - very small and still had blue eyes.

There are no houses in the vicinity and the kittens had obviously been dumped so we had no option but to take them home.

They have since thrived and get on well with our older male cat.

However : our house is still in a state of renovation and is currently entirely unsuitable for kittens !

We shut them in a bedroom during the day which is relatively safe.

At night they sleep in a large cage which they seem quite OK with.

They are very keen to get out !!!

Our challenge is this : the house has 3 floors and is at present largely 'open plan', in that the internal walls have yet to be plaster boarded.

In addition the loft has no inner lining and there is a gap under the eaves large enough for the kittens to get out.

The place is like a building site and is potentially dangerous for them.

We are doing the renovation ourselves and estimate it will take 2 tears to complete.

We've waited for Christmas and the new year to pass and now wish to find good new homes for the kittens.

They are completely weaned and toilet trained (they use their litter trays perfectly !).

They have had their innoculations and are micro chipped.

The vet confirms that they are in excellent health.

If anyone would like to take 1, 2 or all 3 of them on we would be most grateful.

They are as follows :

Pickle - lovely female, called pickle because her colouring is like Branston pickle !

Rascal - another lovely female - very pretty tortoiseshell with lots of white and white feet.

Tinker- very good looking boy, black with a white face and bib and 4 white paws.

They are lovely and if our house was in a more suitable condition we would probably keep them.

We are near to Baud in 56 - any help would be much appreciated.

Mark. (Grumps) [:)]

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Have you taken them to your vet to be looked over? The vet might have an idea for a remedy, especially if they know anyone whose cat has recently died. We were in a similar position to you in early October with 2 tiny kittens landing on our doorstep. One was very poorly so we had to go straight to the vet's. That one had to be put to sleep but the sibling survived (much to the vet's surprise) and he is currently manic around the house. The vet didn't charge for the first couple of visits as we explained the circumstances. We certainly didn't want a cat and our elderly female is now accepting the addition though she will not play with him. You could also put notices up in local shops. You'll finf that in France there is a very low take up of sterilizations which lead to loads of unwanted kittens. We British are regarded as the suckers who take them in...What can you do. Sorry I can't give any more practical help but,nevertheless, welcome to the forum.
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Hello Minnie,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the vet has looked them over, given them their injections and micro chipped them - as per my original posting.

I omitted one thing though - they will of course be free of charge to a good home and we will be happy to 'deliver' if transport is a problem.

All we want is for them to end up safe and happy with a nice person/family.



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